The storage artifact is actually a cart?!

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  • Date:2021/06/26

Speaking of storage types, what did you think of the first time.

Drain rack, bamboo basket? Wine rack?

All of the above are correct. Do you know what is the hottest storage product this year? It’s just this Utility cart. It is also affectionately called a "small cart" by netizens with three shelves and four wheels.

There are 4 common colors, black, white, pink, sky blue, sky blue is the most classic, sky blue is the blue close to Tiffany ~ but our company(wireking) also supports custom colors, more than these colors. 

The biggest reason why this small storage trolley has become an Internet celebrity is its powerful removable storage function. It can be used in any room and any corner of the house. It can be pushed around with small wheels and is super flexible to use; whether it is a living room or It can be used as storage in bedrooms, study rooms, balconies, bathrooms, and even outdoor gatherings.

I am honored to evaluate this. For this well-known online celebrity storage item, we start with its storage performance and carefully evaluate whether it is really worth adding to the shopping cart. The evaluation is mainly in these three aspects-practicality, cost-effectiveness, and assembly difficulty.

Practicality☆☆☆☆ (want to score 100 stars)

As a recurring item in the photos of home masters, the beauty of the 3 tier storage trolley will not be repeated. Then let's test the practicality of the utility trolley, mainly from the three aspects of size, structure, and endurance.


The packaging size of the mail order box is 42.2*8.5*31.5cm, and the assembled size is 43.3*33.9*78.8cm. For a rough estimate, a hand pusher = the capacity of 3 medium-sized storage boxes, but the floor space is only the amount of one storage box .

The length, width and height ratio of the storage basket is well designed, and the width is exactly equal to the length of a magazine. The volume is larger than the conventional mobile rack, so it can put all kinds of storage baskets to organize.

Girls’ desktops are often occupied by cosmetics. This makeup trolley is simply a girl’s savior. A partition box is added to the utility cart to store all the cosmetics, and the makeup cart becomes a special “dressing table”.

Various cleaning products in the home are also a big problem. Often one bottle from one bottle to the other, no matter where you put it, it's an eye-catcher. Large-capacity organizer carts can solve this problem. Put the cleaning supplies in the house, all kinds of bottles and cans on the rolling laundry cart, and turn them into a special "cleaning car" for the house.

Due to the small size of the tool trolley, it can be placed in the corner without taking up much space when it is not used on weekdays.

And the wheeled storage carts is more flexible than the traditional shelf. No matter it is the living room, dining room, study, bathroom, as long as there is space to accommodate the size of the professional tool cart, it can be STRUCTURE. 

The hierarchical structure is "upper-middle-lower" three layers, which is consistent with the principle of group storage. The storage items are required to be placed in groups according to "high frequency-intermediate frequency-low frequency", which is in contrast to the "upper-middle-lower layer" of the cart.

The multifunction troll turns into a bedside table to store supplies according to the frequency of use.


The service trolley can be used as a movable wine cabinet. According to the principle of group storage, wine is placed at the bottom. The middle layer is not used frequently, and some corkscrews can be placed. The top layer is used most frequently, so put the cups and buckle them upside down to keep them away from dust. 


Unlike many mesh 3 tier tool trolley on the market, the sides of WIREKING mobile carts are smooth and have a large bearing capacity. There is no need to worry about "easy to fall apart", and it saves a lot of time when cleaning. More importantly, this design provides great convenience for the integration of other storage tools and trolleys.

▲If you want more space, you can't help but add to the 3 tier utility trolley. 3 layer trolley + hanging storage box, as long as you add this storage box to the side of the storage basket, you can store the pens according to different categories. According to the frequency of use, you can choose to hang on the upper/middle/lower layer, which greatly saves you. Something takes time.

▲The kitchen is also one of the most common places to house this kitchen vegetable trolley. Common items such as vegetables and fruit bowls can be placed on it.

▲A magnet hanger is added to the side of the kitchen utility cart, and you can also place common kitchen tools. At this time, the superiority of the metal kitchen trolley design is reflected. The width of the side of the storage basket is 35cm*45cm, which is enough to hold most of the magnet storage tools.

▲There are many creative DIY like this, and the towel rack we commonly use can also collide with the rolling cart.

▲Some people who often work and study at home will travel to various points in the home to find the best office corner. However, it is obviously time-consuming and laborious to transfer a large amount of office supplies every time you change places. At this time, a 3 layer storage trolley is needed to "shipment".

▲Put all the stationery you need in it, whether you want to work in the living room or study, this "movable desk" will definitely meet your needs.

▲Sometimes sitting on the sofa in the living room and want to read and read frequently read books, get up and go to the bookcase and find it troublesome, then you can let the 3 shelf utility cart play the role of "mobile bookshelf".

▲There are more uses of trolleys waiting for you to discover. In terms of practicality, trolleys and various home spaces are versatile, and do not require too many matching skills. It is a high-value trolley, which looks good no matter how you put it. Full score for practicality~


Value for money ☆☆☆☆


What is the price/performance ratio of a utility cart with excellent appearance and practicality?

Let's first look at the appearance. The storage cart has four colors, all of which are solid colors. This kind of solid color home furnishing items can be matched with any space and items。

In other words, if you buy a storage trolley, you can use it anywhere in your home. There is not much engraving process, most of them are smooth surface, no clean dead corners, and it is very labor-saving to clean.

The official website wholesale price of WIREKING storage trolley is 10~20$. For the factory, such a cost is very cost-effective, and it is also cheaper than many factories.

Difficulty of assembly ☆☆☆☆


Flat packaging is one of the reasons why he has not increased prices for many years. People who like to do it yourself will definitely fall in love。


But for some hand-handicapped parties, they are most afraid of encountering the "unexplainable" situation in the manual when assembling. A small error may cause everything to be overthrown and restarted. WIREKING instructions are mainly pictures and almost no words. According to the instructions on the picture, we try to assemble a storage trolley and test the difficulty of assembly by ourselves.

The outer packaging of the Hand trolley is a rectangular parallelepiped paper box, about the size of two schoolbags. Open the carton, the internal components are relatively simple (the bag is a wrench and screws), from the perspective of the number of parts, the assembly process should not be complicated, the following formally enters the assembly process:

The instructions are presented in the form of illustrations, which are intuitive and interesting. It doesn't matter if you lose it accidentally, WIREKING has an electronic version of installation instructions available. Product manuals have always been a problem that cannot be avoided in the family storage. The "electronic manuals" are very intimate and avoid the accumulation of too many useless documents at home. I like this detail. 

The first step is to assemble the base first. The two irregular cylinders in the picture above are connected by invisible buckles, so no screws are needed. The pillars of the cart basket are fixed on both sides, and the joints need to be reinforced with screws. Bring your own Phillips screwdriver. This operation is also relatively simple.

The frame is initially set up, and the whole process takes 3-5 minutes.

The basket of the storage trolley is installed from the bottom, and there are three in total. The screws at the bottom are equipped with wrenches, and the protrusions on the pillars are carefully bent. It adds a lot of convenience when screwing the screws.


However, from the actual operation point of view, the free space around the screw is still too small, and it is not flat, making it inconvenient to exert force on the wrist, and the process of screwing the screw can be optimized.

And if you are not careful, the wrench will scratch the paint on the surface of the cart. You must be careful during the installation process.

Finally, lay the storage trolley flat and start to install the wheels. Two wrenches were provided, two of which need to be used together, one of which is used to fix the screw underneath, and the other is for reinforcement. 

Humhhh~ the storage trolley is done! Assembling by novices, the total time is 20 minutes, and the girls said that they had no pressure when they first started.

Integrate "desk", "dressing table" and "green plant shelf"

Easy to assemble, strong storage, high practicability

Even if women install it alone, there is no pressure

After evaluation

WIREKING storage trolley lives up to its name

It's worth starting!

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