How To Choose The Best Ironing Board For You

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Choosing an ironing board that suits you will make you enjoy ironing


Every home needs an ironing board. Whether it's your first ironing board, or looking to replace an old one. Follow this article to help you make sure you choose a professional ironing board that will meet your ironing needs. The best ironing board can make your job easy; it should help you so well that you and the customer you buy it for look forward to ironing. An ironing board can be one of the most essential household items for keeping your clothes tidy.


We as a manufacturer of ironing boards, for our e-commerce sellers and retail sellers, it is important not to stock old ironing boards in your shop, you should keep in mind a few things which will benefit the consumer in choosing the most professional ironing board. When looking at these guidelines, e-commerce sellers and retail sellers can also avoid some unnecessary hassles when seeking manufacturers to work with



Types of ironing boards


There are not many different types of ironing boards on the market today. Depending on the size of the space the consumer has, will determine what type of ironing board they should buy


Standing ironing board


Of the many types of ironing boards available, the standing ironing board is one of the largest choices and the one that is preferred by consumers. They are best suited to laundry rooms and homes with very ample space in the home, and are great for people who iron regularly. The standing ironing board has an adjustable height, which can be adjusted to match the user's most comfortable height by adjusting the height of the board. It is also convenient for consumers who prefer to sit or stand while ironing, which can also be matched by adjusting the height. In the case of a professional ironing board, a professional ironing board cloth cover and mesh ironing board are provided, both of which will work better together and speed up ironing.


Small ironing board


The small panel size ironing board is perfect for flats and university dormitories. They are not designed to be so large, hence the alternative name compact ironing boards, they are ideal for homes with limited storage space and are also stand-up ironing boards that are also height adjustable. Wireking small ironing boards have a sturdy steel frame and T-leg for exceptional stability, adjustable heights up to 84cm and a heat-resistant ironing board cover. This small ironing board can be a space-saving solution



Table ironing board

The tabletop ironing board can be used for ironing anywhere, you can iron while watching TV etc. As well as a very convenient place to store it, hanging from a drying rod in the wardrobe or inside a drawer, it is very practical and looks beautiful for the new 2022 design from WIREKING.


Quality of ironing board

Modern ironing boards are very different from those made in the early days. Back then, ironing boards were made of heavy wood, which made them very strong but also difficult to move. Today, ironing boards are made of plastic, environmentally friendly wooden materials or steel or iron mesh. These lightweight materials make them easier to set up, move around in position and store, as well as the matching of the board and ironing board covers speeds up the working time.


Choice of size

As a professional ironing board supplier, it is definitely important to have different sizes to choose from to meet the needs of different types of clothes ironing. For example: a consumer wants an ironing board to iron some shirts, but it would be difficult for you to recommend some table top ironing boards.


For your customers, the right size will depend on what they need to iron, so consider adding different sizes of ironing boards to your shop so that you can cover different ironing needs and not lose customers. If they have space, a customer might choose to go with a full-size ironing board which will give ample board space to do a whole host of things while still being able to iron smaller items. A full-size ironing board is typically 4 feet long and 12-18 inches wide.


A compact model is convenient for small-sized apartments, small projects or touch-ups but not useful for full-sized pieces of clothing or linens.


Choice of length

Both the width and length are generally important for the performance of an ironing board. However, width contributes to ease of use more than its length does. Also, a wider board will allow you to accommodate different ironing needs.


Choice of height

As a professional ironing board supplier, the height adjustment of the ironing board is very strict. If a supplier says to you that you can do any size of height adjustment, then you should start to worry. This is because adjustable height is a strict requirement for every size of ironing board, too high and it will wobble, too short and it will be uncomfortable. So each size has a strictly tested height requirement.


Sturdy metal frame

In fact, safety is the main concern when buying any product. As a professional ironing board manufacturer, it definitely comes first. Every ironing board must have a strong and sturdy frame. Nor do you want the consumer to tip it over during the ironing process. Although a small ironing board is not capable of having a good load-bearing capacity, it does need a sturdy frame so that it will not easily collapse or tip over. It is important to note that different materials and constructions have different load-bearing capacities, so don't be so easily convinced by other suppliers' exaggerated figures.


Iron and steel ironing boards are more common and relatively durable, and are usually the most popular choice for consumers. A professional ironing board will make ironing easier and will prevent accidents from falling off the ironing board. It is important to note that a professional ironing board must be equipped with a safety lock, regardless of the size of the board, which is designed to ensure that the board does not easily detach or collapse if it is not in use. It is therefore essential that the ironing board has this safety lock system.


Ironing Board Covers and Padding

As a professional ironing board manufacturer, matching the ironing board cover is one way to speed up efficiency.

When you, as a consumer or purchaser, buy an ironing board fabric cover, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Determine the size of the ironing board first, as the size match is very important and will also affect your ironing efficiency and must be kept in a tight fit with the ironing board.

2. Check with the manufacturer or retailer to determine the number of layers of ironing board cover, professional ironing board cover must be two layers, one layer of cotton cover, one layer of needle cotton or sponge 5~7mm is most suitable.

3. It is also important to choose the method of fastening the ironing board cover, you can choose rubber bands or straps.

The most important aspect is the material used to reflect the heat from the iron back to the garment for more effective results when ironing.

Fibre or cotton covers are stain and iron resistant and prevent the cover from being damaged by the heat.

5. Of course choose an ironing board cover in the right design or colour, a bright pattern can make your ironing job more interesting


Multifunctional ironing board

Extra features help make ironing easier and add an extra surprise for your customers.

1. iron rest For the sudden arrival of a relative or friend or a phone call during ironing, you can place the iron in the iron rest, which will prevent scalding clothes and prevent accidents.

2. The sleeve holder is a small board approximately 2 feet wide that can be attached to the main board and used to iron shirt sleeves.

3. Integrated garment rack You can put the ironed ones on the rack so that you can separate the dirty clothes.


Wireking makes the best ironing boards

Wireking specialises in ironing boards and has been in the industry for 34 years, so when you are still looking for a quality manufacturer to make your ironing board, then look no further! Wireking has a large range of high quality ironing boards to cover different countries' ironing requirements and to suit different size combinations, as well as a great design team for regular updates.


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