How To Use The Ironing Board—Introduction To The Correct Way To Open The Ironing Board

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  • Date:2021/08/13

WIREKING introduces the ironing board, which is specially designed for ironing clothes with an electric iron. The ironing effect of using it is far from the effect of ironing clothes directly on the table. Therefore, everyone’s ironing board suffers The majority of people who love clothes are welcome. Today, the editor will introduce the correct way to open it.


How to use the ironing board?


The professional ironing board has a height adjustment for people with different requirements, and the height adjustment generally has two kinds of level adjustment and step adjustment. When ironing sleeves, you can choose a small ironing board. It is specially designed for ironing sleeves. It puts clothes on the small ironing board to make ironing more convenient and straight. When ironing clothes with collars, you can choose to use a shoulder pad to make your collar straighter. Some ironing boards also come with a power plug to facilitate the mobile use of the ironing board.


When ironing clothes, the slender iron wire will bring some inconvenience to you, such as putting the wire on the antenna of the ironing board, so that the wire will not be dragged on the clothes during ironing, and the iron can also be used for ironing. Freely and more convenient. The telescopic tail plate of the ironing board is also very useful. You can place an iron when you open it and put a jacket or coat on it when you retract it, which is just right for ironing clothes on the shoulder. When ironing clothes, you can put the clothes on the hanger, stack the ironed clothes on the hanger, or hold it on the rack of the ironing board.


what are the tips for using an ironing board?


1. Storage method. Clothes made of natural fibers and man-made fibers should be hung and preserved. To avoid causing moths, wrap the camphor ball in a paper bag and separate it from the clothes to avoid chemical interaction between the camphor ball and the clothes.


2. Ironing skills. First, put the ironing board on a flat ground; check whether the ironing board has a heat shield; whether the temperature of the iron is suitable for the material of the piece of clothing; clearly understand that the piece of clothing is suitable for that temperature; most of the clothes are Steam can be used, only the sticky part is not suitable for steam; clothes that are easy to reflect (mirror-like) should use an iron heat shield or a cloth to prevent damage to the fibers of the clothes; the water storage capacity of the iron should be moderate, It should not be too full, otherwise excess water will leak into the clothes, causing stains on the clothes; do not lay the iron flat after it has been put into water, and place it slightly upwards, otherwise it will leak; the temperature of the iron should be adjusted from low to high temperature Slowly adjust to the suitable temperature for the clothes. The steam iron can not iron the sticky positions, such as the front of the suit and the collar.


3. Common mistakes in ironing. The lapel line of the clothes was not ironed accurately; the reverse line of the coat was not properly ironed; the top of the sleeves appeared wrinkles after hanging, mainly because the proper sleeve ironing tool was not selected; the trouser bones were not in the center position.


4. Matters needing attention when ironing. Pour out all the water in the iron to prevent long-term storage of water from depositing stains in the iron; remove the heat shield of the iron.


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The above is the correct use method of an ironing board and some tips in the use introduced by the editor of WIREKING. I hope you will have a clearer understanding of the use of ironing boards after reading it. You can use it in your life in the future. Maximize his role and make the best use of everything.




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