Provoke Your Imagination To Put Mobile Rolling Cart In Your Home

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  • Date:2021/09/15

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I want to increase the storage space in the kitchen and put multi-function storage cabinets in the kitchen. I have seen a lot of people who use wall storage. Have you ever thought about applying the dining carts that are common in restaurants outside to your own kitchen? The development of the times is getting faster and faster. Nowadays, many people have different ideas. It is so easy to use a mobile rolling cart directly in their kitchen to obtain additional storage space!



This kind of roller storage cart design is particularly popular in many families now, but don't underestimate this inconspicuous little object. Tell you, it can bring a lot of benefits to the home!


① Increase storage space 

In places like the kitchen, the longer it is used, the embarrassing situation of insufficient storage space will appear. Then such a small storage cart can solve your worries. Commonly used pots and pans, oil, salt, sauce, and vinegar tea can be placed on it, and it is more convenient to take it at ordinary times. You can also put your favorite red wine because it has a red wine rack


② Easy to move

Generally, we put cabinets in the kitchen, especially custom cabinets. As long as they are done, they are in a fixed position and cannot be moved at will. Therefore, it is impossible to change the layout of the kitchen at will. But this kind of trolley storage cart with rollers is different. You can move it where you want, and it is more convenient to clean and sanitary. And with two brake casters, which can tilt and move when stationary



③ Does not occupy space

It doesn't matter if the space in the home is large. If the space in the home is already small, you can't wait to throw away everything you can. This kind of kitchen cart trolley has a relatively small footprint, and you can put it in a small gap in your home, not to mention how convenient it is.



In addition to using this kind of trolley in the kitchen, I found that different families will use it in different scenarios.


→Place in the bathroom

There is no designed locker under the bathroom vanity, so let's put a 3 tier plastic tray cart instead of the locker! The design of several floors can provide enough storage space as a locker, and it is just right to put towels and toiletries. The price is also much cheaper than the locker, which is cost-effective and practical. Why not use it?



In the laundry room

In the laundry room, a pile of laundry supplies is just set up every time, and they are arranged in a mess after a long time, and they look irritable. Tuck a roller storage trolley directly in the middle of the washing machine. Laundry detergent and other laundry supplies are all placed on the top, and the trolley can be obtained by pulling it out when used, and it can be pushed in after using it, and it will not affect the appearance.



Looking at it this way, the storage of the wall storage cabinet is no better than a stainless steel cart in the end! It is very practical to learn from abroad to install this kind of roller trolley. It can increase the storage space and can move at will. It is so convenient!


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