Slim Stroage Cart, Big Storage Needs !

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  • Date:2021/07/30

——WIREKING Focus on the production and wholesale of storage carts and ironing boards

WIREKING is committed to the research and development of storage trolleys with different usage scenarios.


With such a large demand for home storage, what kind of product can stand out? In the home storage area, people are greedy, always thinking about whether this product can be used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room, and whether this product can be perfect with the increase or decrease in space. Apply any scene. The following crevice cars, hope to help you solve your current storage confusion.


This slim shelf rolling storage cart is only 5.3 inches deep, so it can squeeze between the most snug of spaces in the kitchen while still holding nearly 7 pounds per shelf. Better yet, it has wheels so you can stow it away effortlessly and roll it out when you want to get right of entry to it—no heavy lifting required. Gap storage trolley. The shelf is 15 inches wide and the whole unit is 26 inches high. It can be placed in the gap between the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, the bathroom sink, and the shower room... It even has two small hooks on the top shelf for hanging towels or tools!

Though this gap storage cart has obvious uses for kitchen supplies like oils, vinegar, spices, and canned goods, it isn't specific to culinary items. Put it close to the window, the moving cart avoids the work of moving the platform, allowing you to appreciate the plants anywhere. Or put it in the bedroom as a mobile bookshelf. It even has the perfect size to hold toilet paper, toiletries, and bathroom cleaning products. The multi-scenario applicability of this product is perfect.

All in all, this WIREKING ultra-thin storage cart can turn things that were originally blind spots into kitchen racks, bathroom racks, book racks, kitchen tool racks, etc. Get yours today on

Multiple scenes Small Space Solution:

Multifunction School Supply Storage Cart——Can be used in different usage environments

If you or your child are confused about items and cannot find items, want a neat environment, and have requirements for the storage of items, then a rolling storage cart may be the answer.

Organize With Ease

With a few wise storage hacks and tips, your children will have the flexibility to go nearly somewhere in the residence to study, craft, or sit back out. 

Space-Saving Lap Desk

If you or your child cannot find a place for office work or homework because of the scarcity of space, this product can help you. The tray on the top allows you to place workbooks and laptops so that you can work and write anytime, anywhere. Operation. There are 4 casters, 4 of which are universal wheels, two of which are lockable casters, which can prevent items from falling and losing due to random movement.


Power up your furnish cart with a small extension twine or energy strip. The DIY pegboard on both sides allows you to place more office or kitchen utensils, as well as toilet utensils. This way kids can plug into nearby outlets and keep tablets and laptops charged up.

Keep the portability birthday celebration going with a lightweight plastic caddy.  Regardless of the scene, their supplies can be easily carried and (hopefully) kept tidy.

Mobile Library

Encourage studying by means of developing a mini-mobile library on your cart.  Keep their favorite books on the top shelf and stabilize them with magazine holders, that way they don’t topple over when the cart is on the move. Include a timer to help track reading, study, or screen time.

Quiet Time

If you have a particularly loud and busy household, a good pair of noise-canceling headphones can be a smart investment. For some kids, particularly those on the spectrum or with ADHD, the quiet time they furnish is imperative when it is time to a focal point or wind down after a virtually stimulating day. And the headphones easily hook onto the corner of the cart.


Thank you for your patience to watch. The storage carts we produce and wholesale are very suitable for different scenarios. More ways to use them depend on each buyer to explore. Thank you again for watching. Look forward to our next meeting


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