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  • Date:2021/06/25

If you want to say goodbye to the difficulty of ironing board selection and choose your favorite ironing board, you can read this article! The editor used to wear some decent shirts in the rented house alone. For these shirts, I also bought an electric iron. When I first started using an electric iron, I put the shirts on the table and ironed them. After ironing the shirts, there was a pungent burnt smell. I saw that the surface of the tabletop was blackened instantly, and then I put it aside and didn't use it.

Since joining WIREKING, this big family, through continuous learning and understanding of the China ironing board culture, use method, and production process, I began to feel what a magical product this is. Products of different sizes are suitable for different clothes. I bought an ironing board to apply it again. I joined WIREKING in 2019. It has been almost 2 years since 2021. It is very durable so far, and there is no looseness or imbalance.

Let me show you:

hot sale ironing board

But when you buy ironing boards, you may encounter the following problems:

1. What is the size of the ironing board?

2. How to choose the height of the ironing board?

3. Is the cloth surface of the ironing board resistant to high temperature?

4. Will the color of the cloth cover on the ironing board fade to the clothes when ironed with an electric iron?

Next, I will answer these questions one by one to help you purchase and buy ironing boards:

1. What is the size of the ironing board?

The size of the ironing board generally refers to the width and length of the board, not the closed size of the entire ironing board. And different countries will have different requirements. Japan prefers desktop ironing boards, European countries prefer large-size ironing boards, and South American countries prefer medium-size ironing boards.

full size ironing board

2. Selection of the height of the ironing board

For different countries, WIREKING will have different heights to choose from. This also depends on how many adjustment gears the ironing board has, and most of them are 6~8 adjustments.

3. Is the cloth surface of the ironing board resistant to high temperature?

The cloth cover is treated with a special process. There is a layer of high temperature resistant material on the surface and a layer of cotton fabric under the cloth cover, which will release the temperature better.

4. Will the color of the cloth cover fall off and print on the clothes?

The raw materials of these cloth covers have undergone many special treatments, which will be more durable and will not print colors on the clothes.

Next is the purchase of an ironing board

1、What is an ironing board

The ironing board is the board underneath when we iron clothes with an electric iron every day, and it plays an important role in our home life.

household ironing board

2、The role of ironing board

Due to the high temperature of the electric iron when ironing clothes, the solid wood tabletop used at home may not be able to withstand the higher temperature, which may cause the tabletop to be scorched. At this time, the ironing board can be used as a high-temperature resistant board. To work.

3、Composition of ironing board

The ironing board is divided into 5 parts in total:

Ironing board cover

At present, the common ironing board cloth cover material on the market is cotton cloth material. The advantages of this material are high temperature resistance, non-fading, and being removable and washable.


The panel is an important part of the ironing board. Generally speaking, the iron net is better, but there are also solid wood and plastic, which have different uses for different markets.

1. Inner liner

At present, the inner liner of the ironing board is knitted cotton

2. Iron rest

Iron rest are generally combined with iron and plastic, and WIREKING ironing racks will add multiple drying racks, which is also a selling point.

3. Tripod

The tripod of the ironing board is used as the panel that supports the entire ironing board, so the material of the tripod is also selected from metal material in order to support the weight on the panel. WIREKING also has a very special view of the design of the tripod. The tripod is not only used as a support, but also can be used to place clothes, and it also has casters that are convenient to move.

The choice of ironing board

1. Selection of ironing board material

When buying an ironing board, you must first look at the material of the panel. At present, carbon steel, wood and plastic are more common in the market.

The wooden ironing board is easy to absorb water, and the weather may cause mildew on the ironing board;

At the same time, the wooden ironing board is not easy to dry in the sun and may crack.

2. Surface treatment of ironing board

Ironing board brackets are mostly made of metal in the market. When purchasing ironing boards, check the paint spots on the metal brackets of the ironing board;

If there is a raised solder bag at the paint spot, it means that the paint is not in good craftsmanship. If used for a long time, the bracket may fall apart, which is more dangerous.

3. The inner lining of the ironing board

In the early market, the ironing board used a sponge as the material as the layer pad. Because the sponge is used repeatedly, the lifespan is relatively short and it is not durable.

In modern times, knitted cotton is commonly used as the liner of ironing boards. The advantage of this material is that it has good density, can prevent shrinkage, and is not easy to deform.

4. Surface technology of ironing board

The baking paint process of the ironing board is also very important, which is mainly reflected in such aspects as whether it is environmentally friendly, whether it is resistant to embroidery, and whether it will fall off the paint.

5. Tripod for ironing board

After the ironing board is opened, it is completely supported by the tripod. In order to increase the friction with the ground, it is more appropriate to purchase an ironing board with non-slip foot pads to consolidate the overall support of the ironing board bracket.

6. Opening of the ironing board

Lay the ironing board flat with the panel facing upwards, press and hold the bottom lift switch by hand, lift it up, and release the lift switch to a suitable height.

7. Locking the ironing board

This is the most important thing. If there is no good locking device, it will be very dangerous, so a good locking device is also very important.

Thank you for watching, if you have any questions or purchasing intentions, please contact us, our company will give you the fastest feedback.




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