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  • Date:2021/06/25

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It is possible that this product has not been formally applied to every household and sales of various e-commerce platforms, but from various research reports, now humans have more and more requirements for home storage, and it is necessary to solve the problem of cleaning the desktop and also High-capacity storage is required without affecting the appearance, and the free space must be used rationally. Therefore, a mobile storage artifact-storage cart trolley is brought.

Our company established WIREKING Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. in 2002. Since 2018, after many market types of research, we are committed to solving the home storage problems of various families in the market. Therefore, after half a year of research and development and discussion, our strong R&D team, Design a mobile storage cart with large capacity, high space utilization, and beautiful appearance. A product can be applied to many scenes, such as a bathroom, living room, kitchen, study room, bedroom, and so on.


trolley storage cart


Now we start to introduce this product to you completely:

Let’s start with the packaging. Our packaging is dedicated to cross-border e-commerce, and the product baskets are stacked together, which can greatly reduce the packaging size of the product. It is also designed specifically to study the packaging requirements of cross-border e-commerce. And, we will make a series of blister packaging for each product, so as to prevent the abrasion caused by friction between the product and the outer box.

We will all carry a package of tool kits and instructions, which is very simple.

 Let us experience it now

4 tier slim rolling cart

1 ▲Every extra kitchen gap, bathroom gap, and living room gap

There will always be such a gap in a large home. If you want it to be more practical, you may wish to add a storage cart that fits its size. This can store a lot of different daily necessities, and you can also move to different places at will.


3 tier storage trolley

2 ▲Just look at this wall

Whether it is the partition wall between two spaces or the partition wall between two doors, it can be used. A partition is installed on the wall, and a trolley is placed under it, which is convenient for cleaning.

 3 tier metal storage trolleyoffice rolling cart

3 ▲Office cart

Rejecting the “dirty, messy, and poor” office surface, this office cart can store different office appliances for you, so that the office surface is tidy and clean. As you can see in the picture, printers, color printers, and photocopiers can be placed. If a colleague needs to print a large number of documents, he can save time running around and move the photocopier directly to his own office area. The two-story office cart can be moved under the office table without occupying any position at all.

3 tier kitchen trolley

4 ▲good helpers in the kitchen

The storage trolley really provides great convenience. For families with large kitchens, this storage trolley can place different seasonings and different kitchen utensils. It will not run around when used. When cooking directly, Move to the work area, that's it. The cooking table can also be used to place dishes, which can also save a lot of space. But don't worry too much about the small kitchen, this is also tailor-made because you can put the extra kitchen tools on the rolling kitchen storage cart, so you can save more space.

beauty trolley cart for home

5 ▲Leisure storage trolley

Removable tray, you can put your afternoon tea, while reading a book while drinking coffee, enjoy the whole leisure life.

 3 tier metal storage trolley

6▲Mobile office desk

Fixed tray, you can put your laptop, find the most suitable place, realize mobile office.

 trolley rack storage


This is also a kitchen storage trolley, but it has achieved a functional upgrade. The draining rack, dish rack, and cup rack are all added to the storage trolley. After washing the cups and dishes, the cutlery can be put in, and it will be equipped with one. Drain pan, you can pour out the water


Question Time

Regarding this storage trolley, we have gathered some questions from customers. Through the trial experience, we want to share our most intuitive experience with everyone.

Q: With so many screws, is the cart easy to install?

A: Yes, according to different styles, there are more screws. With wheels, there will be more places to be fixed. It looks like a lot of trouble, but as you proceed step by step, you won’t feel too many screws. Coming pressure.

We got several useful installation tips through the installation

1. The small black screw can be easily screwed in by pressing and rotating with the thumb.

2. The big screws do not need to be tightened first. After the installation is completed, put some heavy objects in the basket, and then tighten the screws uniformly, which can make the basket stronger.

Q: Is there something wrong with the cart on the wooden floor? What is the quality of the pulley?

A: The pulley is made of smooth plastic material, the workmanship is fair, there are no sharp edges and corners, and there are no obvious seams in the part that is in contact with the ground. However, it is best to install it on the carpet to prevent the parts from scratching the wooden floor.

Q: What should I do if the basket drops dust?

A: The basket can be wiped with a rag. There are basically no clean dead corners around the basket, and the mesh part is smooth.

Dirt accumulation on the side parts is more difficult to deal with, there are dead corners, you may need to use cotton swabs.

Q: Does the material have burrs? Are you afraid of scratching?

A: The product as a whole has almost no sharp edges and corners. It is safer if you have children at home.

Our scissors are scratched in a very hidden place, there are scratches! So please avoid direct contact with sharp objects!


Thank you for your patience to watch. The storage carts we produce and wholesale are very suitable for different scenarios. More ways to use them depend on each buyer to explore. Thank you again for watching. Look forward to our next meeting.





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