Training of Product Competitiveness, a Celebration for the 1st Annivesary of Transition 02

  • By:Wireking
  • Date:2021/06/26

Transition and Upgrading

At the time of the 1st anniversaryof transition and upgrading, the operation center, responding to the call of Group President, arranges training at the 3rd floor of group building for all the management team, R&D team and engineering team. The training focuses on product competitiveness and IPD system.

Mr. Yang Fei, the Chairman of ZT China (Shenzhen) gives a lecture at the training. He worked in Huawei as R & D administrative staff and experienced Huawei’s important transition of IPD introduction from IBM. During the course, he presents the product competitiveness with an easy-to-understand approach.

This course starts with the core concept of IPD, value and organization structure, and gives an introduction of market & demand management, product planning, product policy based on investment-oriented, IPD flow, and performance & solution of IPD.



Mr. Yang gives lots of example during the course, especially on market and demand management, and introduces how to identify, analyze and open the market. All of us benefit a lot from these approachable cases.

Product competitiveness is the foundation of survival and core of operation for manufacturer. No product competitiveness, no future. In 2012, as the household electric appliance industry giant, Mideaendeavored to provide a good foundation for its transition and continue operation, including advancing the product competitiveness.

Increasing the spending on R&D and enhancing the quality control. Under the leadership of Wireking Group, we have confidence in the road to transition and upgrading, and will achieve a great success.





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