Table Top Ironing Board

Portable desktop ironing board, make your clothes on the work trip more even

Who Will Need Table Top Iron Boards ?

Table top iron boards are an essential item for any professional interior designer, or simply a home decorator. I have seen some amazing table top boards in the past, and while they have aged over the years, none has failed to complement an evolving home decor. The best way to find great table top boards is to start at your local home goods store, and look through their display of beautiful items. You may also find these items at our online website store, if you do a little searching.


Table top iron boards can be used for anything from tablecloths to a steam iron to a clothes hanger. The beauty of these items is that they allow for a tremendous amount of variety in creating unique textured or plain backgrounds for whatever you wish. Whether you want a flat white board, a black and white board, or a colorful cotton cloth board, there is a surface area that will meet your needs.


If you want something that is really simple, and basic, you may want to go with a standard light weight pressed board. These boards have no intricate designs on them, they are usually black or white in color and very straight, which makes them very easy to press. Many of these standard light weight pressing boards come in a variety of sizes, which allows you to get the exact size of surface area that you need.


If you are looking for something a bit fancier, you can get a table top iron board that comes with non-skid legs. Non-skid legs are very popular with professional designers today, because they allow the user to press down on the board without fear of damaging the surface. These legs are usually made out of heavy gauge steel or heavy duty rubber, and they provide a non-slip surface area on the bottom so that the user can easily press down on the board without fear of it sliding all across the floor. The legs generally stop about a quarter inch to half an inch from the ground, so if you are working on a larger area, it might be more comfortable for you to press without the risk of the bottom of your feet leaving the surface.


Non-skid leg sets also come in different sizes. For small areas such as book shelves, you will probably not be able to make use of non-skid leg sets, but you can definitely use standard non-skid ironing pads. These pads provide the user with a smooth non-slip surface, and you can purchase light weight, standard sized pads and spread them out on top of the table. This is a space saving ironing option, because the user does not have to move the entire table over to change out the legs, which can make the process of ironing very time consuming. These light weight pads are available in a variety of different sizes, and you can get larger, heavier ones if you need to.





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